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Sending out some fan packages today, one for our good friend Michael at Jersey Campfire Productions, and one prize bundle for the winner of my raffle prize giveaway at the SWAGGY THE MOVIE FUNDRAISER this past month in LA, California! I’m writing a song for the film, which will be arranged by the wonder Stefan Smith (Music Director and Conductor at Orchestra for Equality: The Orchestra of West Hollywood,) and also have a small speaking/singing role of said song!

Some pretty awesome people are involved: Dominique Swain (Lolita & Face/Off), Vinicius Machado (50 Cent’s POWER Series on Starz, Flashforward, CSI Miami), & Gabriel Angelo (Trumpet Kid From the Ellen Show), and it is all written and directed by my super talented lil bro, Vincenzo Carubia

Help us get the movie off the ground, DONATE HERE! 

Avi and I have also been busy taking/editing some photos for the film, which will be in the upcoming issue of Polo the Furking’s BTMB Magazine (Bosses That Meet Bosses),

Excited to be part of this! 

Thanks Everyone!




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Last Show Thank Yous & Hiatus News! RECORDING NEW MATERIAL, UNDERWAY!

Thanks everyone for comin out tonight! You all made it a very special night for Michael at Jersey Campfires Production, and also a very awesome show for us! It was probably the most fun we had rockin out onstage in awhile! We’re also really stoked that we met and got to talk to so many amazing people, and fellow musicians as well! Just stoked! Thanks All! CoversaArchie Alone REVEL 9SYKA Pralaya , and shout out to Ghosts Of Home for comin all the way out to see us, we really appreciate that, and it was nice chattin with you guys for a bit! Hope to see ya at the next Blues Brothers convention! 

We hope we get to play shows with you all sometime in the near future, but we are currently going to take a bit of a hiatus to focus on recording some new music for you all! Recording news coming soon! For now, go download our first EP for FREE! 

Thanks again, all! 
Justina, Avi, Mike, Steve, & Neil


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Fan Zack Seif Covers “Magnetic Poetry” , Kills It….

Happy Thursday Ya’ll! Check out this video of one of our fans, Zack Seif, jamming out to our track “Magnetic Poetry”! 
Go watch the vid and subscribe to his YouTube channel now!

About the song, Zack said, “I decided to cover “Magnetic Poetry” by Stelladeora. They are one of the local NJ bands that really influenced me to play in a band, and when I got to meet them earlier this year, I downloaded the rest of their album and loved it. I figured this out by ear tonight, and it sounds right to me. Even if its not, enjoy!!” 

…. Now that’s the reason why we do what we do… We feel honored that we could inspire you Zack… Keep Rockin!!

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Stelladeora to Open for Radical Something at GameChanger World, April 25th! Tickets On Sale Now!


Hey Guys! We are so stoked to announce that we are opening for Radical Something who are growing a tremendous online following, so this is a huge opportunity for us! We would appreciate all of your support by comin out to this show! Tickets are $13 advanced, or $15 at the door. 

(ALSO, if you don’t want to get hit with the service fees on Eventbrite.com, then I suggest buying them from us in person if you have that option. If you would like to buy directly from us, please get in touch with us at Stelladeora@gmail.com at your earliest convenience!) THANKS!


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