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It’s a Wrap on Drum Tracking!!


Our first night drum tracking at the Park Community Church went fairly well last night… It took us about 4 hours to get set up, and the whole kit mic’d, and getting sounds right…

We started tracking at around 10:30 PM and got 2 songs complete… We started to track “Bird’s Eye View” last, and Mike’s limbs just would not cooperate with his brain, so we decided to wrap and call it a night around 1:30 am, and pick back up this morning.  

This morning we started around 10:30 AM, and powered through til about 5:00 PM or so.  Things went well, no real technical difficulties…There was a cool thunderstorm while we were recording “Awestruck”, so some of the thunder picked up in the mics while we were recording a quieter part toward the end of the song… it was actually quite a nice happy accident, so we will probably be leaving it in…  

We would also like to give a HUGE thanks to The Bayak Family for letting us use their beautiful space; these drums sound HUGE AND EPIC thanks to the room, and we can’t thank them enough for their support in making our record sound the best it can! Also Pat Bayak for the food, you are really too much!! We really appreciate your hospitality! And Jon Kragh and Matt Cook for letting us borrow your mics… we really got the hookup, so thank you times a million! 

Drums are now wrapped, and we look forward to the next step, guitars/bass… We’ll keep you in the loop, and hopefully we can have some video footage up soon! We took tons…

Thanks again all for your support, 


Justina, Avi, Mike, Neil, & Steve

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Drum Tracking for New Stelladeora Album STARTS TODAY!

We know we’ve been MIA all summer with no shows, but we’ve been keeping focuses and working super hard to tie up our loose ends with the writing of the new material.. and all of our hard work brought us up to this point, because: OFFICIAL PRODUCTION STARTS TODAY FOLKS! Can’t wait… up at bat first is Mr. Mike Lyon on the drums! Thanks once again to Park Community Church for letting us use your space… Studio footage soon to follow!

Thanks for all your support!

Justina, Avi, Mike, Neil, & Steve

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Tracking Our First New Song for the NEW ALBUM!!


Here we are, recording some scratch vocals for our new song “Fly”, which was written on guitar by our drummer Mike with Justina’s lyrics & melodies! This is a first for us, and Mike is actually tracking the acoustic guitar for this song as well! Got some vid of that, which we hope to make a nice little “behind the music” vid for you guys soon! 

We know we’ve been MIA all summer, and for that we apologize… but we have been working pretty hard to tie up some loose ends with the new material, and we are now SET to start recording the beginning of September which is just a couple short weeks away! Drum tracking will begin September 5 & 6, so we hope to take some studio video and keep you guys up to date with all of our behind the scenes progress…


Thanks for all your support!

Justina, Avi, Mike, Neil, & Steve


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Sending out some fan packages today, one for our good friend Michael at Jersey Campfire Productions, and one prize bundle for the winner of my raffle prize giveaway at the SWAGGY THE MOVIE FUNDRAISER this past month in LA, California! I’m writing a song for the film, which will be arranged by the wonder Stefan Smith (Music Director and Conductor at Orchestra for Equality: The Orchestra of West Hollywood,) and also have a small speaking/singing role of said song!

Some pretty awesome people are involved: Dominique Swain (Lolita & Face/Off), Vinicius Machado (50 Cent’s POWER Series on Starz, Flashforward, CSI Miami), & Gabriel Angelo (Trumpet Kid From the Ellen Show), and it is all written and directed by my super talented lil bro, Vincenzo Carubia

Help us get the movie off the ground, DONATE HERE! 

Avi and I have also been busy taking/editing some photos for the film, which will be in the upcoming issue of Polo the Furking’s BTMB Magazine (Bosses That Meet Bosses),

Excited to be part of this! 

Thanks Everyone!




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Last Show Thank Yous & Hiatus News! RECORDING NEW MATERIAL, UNDERWAY!

Thanks everyone for comin out tonight! You all made it a very special night for Michael at Jersey Campfires Production, and also a very awesome show for us! It was probably the most fun we had rockin out onstage in awhile! We’re also really stoked that we met and got to talk to so many amazing people, and fellow musicians as well! Just stoked! Thanks All! CoversaArchie Alone REVEL 9SYKA Pralaya , and shout out to Ghosts Of Home for comin all the way out to see us, we really appreciate that, and it was nice chattin with you guys for a bit! Hope to see ya at the next Blues Brothers convention! 

We hope we get to play shows with you all sometime in the near future, but we are currently going to take a bit of a hiatus to focus on recording some new music for you all! Recording news coming soon! For now, go download our first EP for FREE! 

Thanks again, all! 
Justina, Avi, Mike, Steve, & Neil


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Fan Zack Seif Covers “Magnetic Poetry” , Kills It….

Happy Thursday Ya’ll! Check out this video of one of our fans, Zack Seif, jamming out to our track “Magnetic Poetry”! 
Go watch the vid and subscribe to his YouTube channel now!

About the song, Zack said, “I decided to cover “Magnetic Poetry” by Stelladeora. They are one of the local NJ bands that really influenced me to play in a band, and when I got to meet them earlier this year, I downloaded the rest of their album and loved it. I figured this out by ear tonight, and it sounds right to me. Even if its not, enjoy!!” 

…. Now that’s the reason why we do what we do… We feel honored that we could inspire you Zack… Keep Rockin!!

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